Flow Manifesto

Together we will make the world better!


Positive impact on society, economy, environment over profit or cost

Moving forward while responding to change over following a detailed plan

Autonomy of groups and human interaction over processes and control

Just enough substantive governance over comprehensive architecture and reporting

Product transformation and managing transience of technology over organisational structure and hierarchy

Managing low dependency and support evolution over managing high dependency and support revolution

Supporting Founders

Hans van Bommel

Bard Papegaaij

Ibtissam Ben Baha

Koen Veltman

Eline Mosterd

Valery Korobeynikov

Arian Jacobs

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“A true business agility principles ”

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“check to compliment over check to control”

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“Flow, is the way to go”

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“It's not Agile, it's Flow!”

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